Thursday, June 21, 2007

Going to the Chapel

On the right is a picture of the chapel in Romero where we held our first health fairs. Romero is a very beautiful town in the mountains. It also has no cell phone service, no running water, no bathrooms or outhouses in any of the homes, essentially no access to education beyond primary school, and virtually no young men (they are all gone working in the United States, usually referred to as just ¨allá¨). Nonetheless, the people were extremely kind and glad to have us there, and we stayed in a very nice room with real beds and a real floor that is usually reserved for traveling teachers. On the left, you will find a picture of (left to right) Lorene, the person in charge of the chapel, Kristoff, another gentleman who was around the chapel at the time, Charles, and Dr. Dan Reuland. And we´ll finish up with a photo of Charles keeping some children entertained (and vice-versa) near the chapel in Xoconoxtle. We tested over 75 participants total in the two communities and gave a ¨health chat¨ in Xoconoxtle about cholesterol, blood pressure, diet, and diabetes. Despite our study focus on cardiovascular disease and a small screen for depression, we were really wishing we could have a psychiatrist, a dentist, an OB/GYN, and a pediatrician with us given the kinds of issues that came up repeatedly.


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