Thursday, June 28, 2007

A River Runs Through It

This week's impressive number of participants served is made even more impressive when we consider the state of affairs in Pozos. The town may be famous for its pozos (wells), but it is currently rather infamous for its drenaje (sewage and drainage), which backed up and created a lake of sorts in front of the church. Luckily, the sewer is under construction and will hopefully be completed along with new paved roads before any future projects arrive.

We are also very humbled by the generosity of the people in Pozos. In one day, we were brought lunch by 3 separate people in succession, and then brought dinner by someone else before finally being invited to another person's house for dinner again. The local church delegate and his friend were also nice enough to provide transportation for us when we were stranded in the town one evening. This week has been an extremely educational experience and I'm sure we have each taken some vital lessons to heart. One of the most important: We can never predict when the tables will turn and the people we are helping will turn out to be helping us. There are remarkably dynamic relationships in this project, and everyone has something to contribute.

I'll finish with a picture of Kristoff and Dr. Steiner taking a needed break to do some studying after the screenings and consults.

¡Hasta el próximo!


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